The best green, blue and brown colored contacts

Green Color Contacts

Green color contacts like particularly nice on people who have warm skin and hair tones. Green is an earth tone, and randrown and gold are both earth tones. People with yellow, gold, or brown undertones in their skin look great with green colored contacts. People with golden brown hair, blond hair, or medium brown hair also look great with them. Of course, green eyes are among the most popular shade on anyone, so it is not surprising that lots of different people are going to want them regardless of their coloration. Indeed, green eyes should flatter lots of different people.

green colored contacts

Brown Colored Contacts

Brown is the most common eye color, and it is also the easiest to falsify. Few brown colored contacts are going to look fake, and most people are going to be able to slip into them very easily and effectively. People with light eyes can put these over their natural eyes, and no one would know the difference. People with dark eyes can wear brown colored contacts without having to worry about making the transition.

Some people want brown eyes based on an aesthetic preference. Other people are going to be just interested in changing their overall appearance. Eye color contributes more to a person’s overall appearance than a lot of people think, especially moving from light eyes to dark eyes. Some brown eyes are light and some are dark, but the transition is going to be noticeable one way or another.

Blue Colored Contacts

Blue has been one of the most popular eye colors for a long time, so it isn’t surprising that a lot of people are interested in them. Some of them are intended to look natural, and others are intended to stand out and be as striking as possible. Others create a nice balance, leaving people wondering and intrigued.

Blue colored contacts look particularly natural with people who have bluish tones in their skin caused by veins, which is one reason why blue eyes are associated with pale-skinned people. However, some darker-skinned people naturally have blue eyes, even if it is an unusual combination genetically.

People with blue eyes often just need transparent colored contacts that have slight tints, and from there, they should be able to get the eye colors that they want. The color from the contacts is going to mix very nicely with the person’s natural eye color. Being able to achieve that effect will often look much better, since it is going to create a more natural impression. However, the people who like to have a blatantly unnatural look should often just go with it, since it is better to pick one or the other.


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