The Best Contacts For Dry Eyes 

“My eyes feel dry.” This has to be the most common complaint for those who wear, and even don’t wear, contact lenses. Having dry eyes affects a lot of people. It comes with the eyes feeling irritated or scratchy and they may even redden. Now, if you start wearing contact lenses with this, it becomes more pronounced. This is especially if the contact lenses start to dry out too. 

However, with technological advancements, contacts have been designed to fully cater for the issue of dry eyes. There are numerous brand names in the market that claim to be capable of achieving this feat. Which of them are the best?

Acuvue Oasys

This product from Johnson & Johnson tackles the eye-dryness issue by using Hydraclear. This is a proprietary technology that ensures a high volume of a wetting agent which enhances the levels of moisture. 

This ensures that your eyes are kept both moist and clear. In addition, the Oasys lenses come with what is rated as one of the best UV-A and UV-B protections in the market. This means that they block out over 90% of these harmful rays to maximise the safety of your eyes.


You cannot talk about the best lenses available for dry eyes and fail to mention Biofinity, a product from CooperVision. These lenses are everything from soft and moist to flexible. This is to ensure maximum lubrication while causing the least amount of irritation possible. 

The lenses come with high oxygen permeability levels and are specially designed for holding water molecules within the lenses. This prevents a protein build-up while still keeping your eyes moist and hydrated. How do they achieve all this? The Biofinity lenses are made from silicon hydrogel and come without any additives. Furthermore, they are designed to gently fit over the cornea.


This is another of CooperVision products, which is renowned for its comfort. How does it ensure that your eyes are kept moist? Proclear uses PC (phosphorylcholine) Technology. Let’s go a little bit deeper into this. PC molecules naturally occur in cell membranes of every human. These molecules basically attract water and surround themselves with it. Thus, this technology when used in the lenses ensures that they retain their moisture. 

CooperVision doesn’t stop there. They have released Proclear lenses that come with omafilco. This is a material that resists dehydration by retaining over 95% of its original water content. This means that your eyes will constantly remain moist.

Air Optix

These lenses literally breathe. Ciba Vision (the manufacturer) has used TriComfort technology in designing them. This technology allows more oxygen through these lenses compared to the conventional ones. In fact, it allows over 5 times the amount of oxygen through. What is the purpose of all this? It ensures that your eyes receive as much natural and nourishing air flow as possible. It comes with high moisture retention levels for dry eyes. 

In addition, to enhance the comfort of the wearer, its surface is designed to be ultra smooth, which prevents a build up of deposits. This means that you’ll spend your day in comfort, and even forget you have your lenses on.

While these contact lenses improve your eyesight and prevent your eyes from drying, you should also take some practical, extra steps to help yourself. These include simple practices like avoiding sitting directly near air conditioning vents or fans. Avoid staying for long in very windy and harsh climates. In addition, ensure you drink enough water to ensure your body is well hydrated. You also might want to get checked for dry eye syndrome.

What is the best contact solution for dry eyes?

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