The Best Contact Solution For Dry Eyes 

Having dry eyes is a condition that affects very many people. Entire populations suffer some degree in dry eyes. This is caused by many factors, some natural. Other causes are daily routines like spending all day staring at a screen in your air conditioned workplace. As such, effective contact solutions are a necessity for dry eyes. Manufacturers have realised this fact and have gone out and released numerous contact solutions. However, which of those brands in the market today are the best?

Biotrue Multipurpose Solution, from Bausch & Lomb

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Contacts Solution - Twin Pack

It is said that the best technologies are designed by observing and imitating natural occurrences. Bausch & Lomb studied the functioning of your tat film and created the Biotrue multipurpose solution. How does it work?

Biotrue essentially maintains the hydration and increases the wettability of your contact lens. Most notable is that it maintains this moisture throughout the day. It utilizes your body’s own natural lubricants to achieve this goal. In addition, it contains antimicrobial ingredients and other ingredients that prevent protein build-up. It also decreases any dryness and irritation that you may have. This goes a long way in increasing your comfort throughout the day.

Opti-Free Pure Moist

Opti-Free PureMoist Solution (4 fl. oz.)
What this solution basically does is improve the rate at which your contact lenses retain moisture and also increase their lubrication. This keeps your eyes hydrated and prevents any irritation. This solution also comes with a neat feature-it cleans and disinfects the surface of your contact lenses. This goes a long way in improving your comfort all through the day. This is why it’s amongst the highest rated contact solutions for dry eyes.

Alcon’s Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solution

Hydrogen based solutions are literally the industry standard for all contact lenses. Here’s how it works.

Contact lenses are basically designed to have properties that accentuate their interactions with your eyes’ tear films. As the lenses get older, they start to break down. The effect of this is that they’ll have a reduced interaction with your tear film. In addition, as the contact lenses break down, they begin accumulating deposits. Yes, all this happens at your eyes. They will become more dry, irritable and a pure discomfort. This is where the hydrogen peroxide based solution comes in. 

It takes avid care of your lenses and promotes their softness and longevity. It enhances the cleanness of the lens’ surface, and goes a long way in improving their capability to retain moisture for your dry eyes. At the end of the day, they ensure that you’ll have worn your contact lenses in comfort.

Selecting the Best Contact Solution for your Dry Eyes

The most effective way to make the right selection is to use the brand name product that your doctor recommends. This will ensure you get the comfort you desire. You can buy your product anywhere from your local shopping centre to making an online purchase. As your eyes are a very critical issue, ensure you only make your purchase from a trusted source. This will ensure you get a full return of your money’s worth in quality and comfort.


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