Contact Lens Review: Biofinity vs Air Optix 

The first idea of contact lenses became reality way back in 1939. Since then, the technology has evolved. Today, the market is awash with numerous brands and types of contact lenses. They all come bearing different qualities. As a consumer, all this may make you unsure of what to buy. Here is a review of 2 contact lens brands that are ranked amongst the most popular and highest rated. You’ll be able to understand both and see which uniquely suits you the best.

Biofinity and Air Optix, Comparing Reputations

Biofinity contact lenses are made by the renowned Cooper Vision. They’re designed to enhance the wearer’s comfort and have consequently received average performance ratings of 4 (out of 5). With this rating being based on global consumer reviews and feedback, it goes to show that Biofinity lenses offer you great quality.

On the other end of the spectrum are Air Optix lenses. They are made by Alcon and are legendary for their comfort. They have received performance ratings that average at a 4.2. As you can see, they are a high quality and trusted brand. No wonder they are popular.

Biofinity vs Air Optix: Comfort

No one wants to wear uncomfortable contact lenses. In fact, they should give you as much of a natural feeling as possible. The goal is that you should forget you’re wearing them. Both brands are superbly engineered to give you remarkable comfort.

Biofinity contact lenses are designed using Aquaform Contact Science Technology. What does this do? It creates material that is unique and provides the required moistness. This also holds water within the lens, thus preventing you from having a protein build up. The end result is long lasting lenses with enhanced comfort. This is what has earned it comfort ratings that average at 4.1.

Air Optix comes on board with silicon hydrogen technology. They have majorly built their reputation on the comfort they provide, garnering a whopping average of 4.3 in comfort ratings. That is an astounding feat. The technology serves to both enhance and permeability of oxygen, making them to feel natural.

Usage and Availability

The Biofinity brand has a variety of products under its name. These include the Biofinity, Biofinity Multifocal, Biofinity Toric and Biofinity XR. The multifocal lens has a neat feature that enables you see anything be it near or far. It uses complementary lenses for sharper focus regardless of distance. With the Biofinity Toric, you are advised to hydrate the lens before you remove it. This is to prevent any cracking or tearing. You can wear these lenses for up to six nights straight.

Air Optix contact lenses are made for all lens wearers. They include everything from weekly and monthly to multifocal and toric lenses designed for astigmatism. Both products are available in numerous retail outlets. Alternatively, you can purchase them online and score yourself a discount.

Comparing Costs

Biofinity contact lenses range from $31.00 to $58.00 USD. For Air Optix, the range is from $22.00 to $84.00. The prices are determined by the specific lens you want to purchase. You can get a rebate here.

Contact lenses are serious issues as they deal with your eyes-and you only have two eyes. Handle them seriously and obtain the right prescription for the best lenses for you from your doctor. In addition, when you purchase the products, take care of them and follow instructions for their usage.


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