Contact Lens Review: Biofinity vs Acuvue Oasys 

These two are legends in the contact lenses industry. The Biofinity and Acuvue brands have received tonnes of acclamation from consumers and doctors alike. However, what’s sets them apart? Which of them is best suited for your case? Let’s go through both brands to help you decide.

Biofinity vs Acuvue Oasys: Comfort and Effectiveness

They both offer comfort, but they do it about doing it differently. Let’s start with Biofinity. These lenses from CooperVision use the latest in silicon hydrogel technology. This makes them have high levels of oxygen permeability. What is the essence of all this? It basically means that your eyes will get nourishing oxygen flow and the lenses will hold water molecules will keep your eyes moist. No one wants to have dry, irritated or scratchy eyes. This is where Biofinity lenses are beneficial-they are moist, soft and flexible, all rolled into one package.

Let’s flip over to Acuvue. This product from Johnson & Johnson is designed using Hydraclear Plus proprietary technology. This essentially ensures that a wetting agent is maintained at high volumes to enhance moisture levels. This gives you a wettable lens for your comfort, 24 hours a day. With these lenses, you can now go to those environments that previously made your eyes tired and dry.

Added Benefits

Biofinity lenses do not have any additives. Neither are they coated with any lubricants or surface treatments. Their design makes them prevent protein-build up thus protect your eyes. In addition, they are made to gently fit over your cornea.

On the other hand, Acuvue also offers you some very neat features when it comes to protecting your eyes. They offer one of the best protections from UV-A and UV-B protection. These are radiations that harm your eyes. Acuvue lenses block out over 95% of UV-B rays and about 90% of the UV-A rays. That is a remarkable feat.

Comparing the Finer Details

The oxygen transmissibility of Acuvue lenses stands at about 148 Dk/t while that of Biofinity lenses holds its own at 160 Dk/t. The oxygen transmissibility just means how much oxygen can mass through a given material. The higher it is, the more the oxygen that will reach your eyes.

If you look at the moisture retention in the lenses themselves, Acuvue lenses are approximately 38% water, while the Biofinity lenses are about 48% (these figures are rounded off to the nearest whole number to avoid those long decimal chains). Nevertheless, Biofinity lenses come with more water than Acuvue lenses.

Usage and Costs

Acuvue lenses are designed to be replaced every two weeks. In addition, you can wear them daily for up to 6 nights straight. This means that you don’t have to worry about keeping removing and putting them back on.

When we come to Biofinity lenses, they allow you to wear them for an astounding one month before you have to replace them. However, continuous wearing is limited to also 6-7 days or nights.

When it comes to purchase, Biofinity lenses are packaged as 6 lenses in a box. Each lens is individually protected in its plastic suit sealed with foil. The online retail price averages at $30.00 USD. Biofinity also comes packaged in 6 lenses per box. However, its online retail price stands a bit higher, averaging at $42.00 USD. You can order both of them here ( and get an even cheaper price by using a coupon code (click the link for the code).

Both lenses offer excellent quality and reliability. That is why they are amongst the most popular lens brands on the planet. Whichever you decide between the two is based on your personal preference. However, ensure you have your doctors’ opinion or prescription, in order to know which lens is best for your unique situation. In addition, ensure you purchase your lenses from trusted sources. Lenses deal with your eyes, and you only have two of those. This will ensure that you get a full return of your money’s worth. 

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