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Recently the contact industry has become revolutionized because of the arrival of silicon hydrogel. This innovative material boosts the number of oxygen progressing to a person’s vision to virtually natural levels. It is wetter than others meaning there is certainly less irritation and reduced probability of infection. Among these is Air Optix. It promises the enticing prospect of wearing contacts at any hour for the extended time frame. No longer in the event you stress about the prospect of drifting to sleep without taking your contacts out.

Anyone who wears lenses or who’s acquainted with the contact lenses industry knows about Ciba Vision’s revolutionary brand, Air Optix. What’s exciting about these lenses is these contacts are created using the wearer’s complete convenience at heart. The lenses are “breathable” – and thus they permit a persons vision’s cornea for getting as much as 5 times more oxygen when compared with other conventional lenses – thanks largely towards the unique and revolutionary material these are generally derived from. This also shows that the wearer doesn’t need to be worried about heading out his/her contacts prior to going to bed.

It’s common for conventional contact lenses wearers to be prone to dryness related eye conditions could cover anything from irritation inside eyes to redness and infection. Ciba Vision has designed their Air Optix contacts using this type of problem at heart likewise. The surface of the revolutionary lenses is composed of over thirty percent water and for that reason supplies a moister surface. Let’s take a quick consider the four innovative products:

Air Optix Night and Day Rebate

Are that you contact lenses wearer which has a tight timetable? Then you surely will need to have experienced an occasional call have to do an occasion out of your hectic day for any refreshing catnap. The only thing is, it is likely you didn’t consider removing your contacts-and you awoke still using them. Forgetting your contacts within your eyes throughout sleep might be acceptable every now and then, however potential eye-health problems could occur if occasional forgetfulness becomes neglect. Wouldn’t it be great if there having been a contact using a wearing regimen that might accommodate your lifestyle of living?

These lenses are for the people individuals who live a fast paced life and have enough to mind their lenses also to remove them before they get to sleep. These lenses could be worn for as much as thirty nights continuously and it is Aqua moisture system ensures the eye area don’t get dry and so are not without the benefit of the oxygen they might need.

Those delighted by Air Optix Night & Day Aqua enthuse around the natural feeling they get using use, which increases as a result of without needing to ‘bother’ with these on an extended period. Also, lowering of ‘red-eye’ or irritation, at the same time as the fresh sensation stemming from your oxygen flow throughout the lens increases their comfort. Impromptu naps can take place without concern for failing to take them off.

If you are a fast paced mom, frequent business traveler, involved student, or perhaps desire a few less hassles inside your life, then Air Optix Night & Day Aqua might be the lens to suit your needs.

* To minimize risks which will have continuous wear contacts, make sure to strictly follow your eye-care professional’s instructions.

Air Optix Aqua Rebate

The Aqua lenses also provides maximum breathability as well as the Aqua moisture system keeps your eye area resistant to dryness. These lenses are proof against every sorts of deposit build-up on its surface, which makes it just about the most comfortable, eye-friendly and healthy lenses available on the market.

Air Optix for Astigmatism Rebate

Astigmatism can be an optical overuse injury in what one struggles to properly and clearly target something. Lens wearers that suffer from astigmatism generally report back with immense discomfort, dryness as well as a blurring of vision whenever the lens moves around the surface of a person’s eye. However, this lens has become designed as being a treatment for this optical problem. Users are experiencing minimal irritation, redness, discomfort and blurriness coupled having a crisp and clear vision.

Air Optix for Astigmatism lenses also sport a high quantity of oxygen transmission to your cornea, as much as seven times just as much as another brands. That is essential besides to your wearing comfort but also for ones cornea’s health. This is especially true for just about any lens that is certainly usable for longer wear, since the attention’s desire for oxygen should be well-met with the years.

Wearing comfort is wonderful, but wait, how would it address your blurred eyesight? Astigmatism is usually a condition where your cornea is shaped so who’s distorts light rays moving into the retina. That’s what causes happened to find out properly. Air Optix for Astigmatism lenses sit down on the top cornea and act to be a refractive filter in which rays of light must pass, which then causes these phones stop bouncing around and instead focus sharply around the retina where they belong. The result can be a return for the superior vision you seek.

Air Optix Multifocal lenses

The Multifocal lenses can be a dream be realized for any person experiencing Presbyopia (a very common optical overuse injury in which your eyes have trouble emphasizing intermediate and near objects). These lenses are already built to help the eyes seamlessly change focus in one distance to an alternative – driving, reading or working about the computer is no-longer problems.

Some contacts wearers wear contacts to further improve their vision while other people wear the crooks to match their cloths. However, every lens wearer searches for safety, comfort, affordability, simplicity of use and several options to pick from. Those that are suffering from astigmatism or presbyopia may now decide to do away using their spectacles because of this marvelous technology. Whichever options you are taking: Biofinity, Air Optix Aqua, Purevision or some different, the one thing is valid. More of us can decide contacts than previously.



  1. Get an eye exam and/or contact fitting.
  2. Purchase the required boxes of qualifying contact products as indicated below between January 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015.
  3. Go to and enter this Rebate Code:
  4. Then, simply print your officials Alcon rebate form, attach this required documents, and mail in within two months of your respective lens purchase date. (You’ll obtain the mailing address after you complete the rebate registration process at <>.)
  5. a) Original sales receipt with Alcon product(s) circled
  6. b) One (1) Original UPC code for every single model of lens purchased
  7. c) Copy of eye exam receipt and/or lens fitting receipt with date circled
  8. d) Your completed official Alcon rebate form (obtained at


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