Acuvue Oasys Rebate 2016 (Toric, Astigmatism & more)

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1. Acuvue Oasys:

Now $36 instead $54,99 (6 Pack)

ACUVUE OASYS 24 Pack Contacts

2. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism
Now $41,50 instead $50


3. Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia
Now $41,50 instead $50


4. Acuvue Oasys ADVANCE plus
Now $17,96 instead $22,45


We know your vision is important to you, as it’s something you treasure and work to take care of your entire life. With new technology, it’s possible to get the absolute best contacts, that are practically like wearing nothing at all, and that let your eyes breathe like normal because of the advanced technology. Plus, these contacts are so hydrated that you literally only have to hydrate them once, before you put them in.

Plus, these contacts are extremely easy to use. Acuvue contacts are already extremely high quality, but Oasys brand contacts are the absolute best on the market. They’re backed by the best advancements in comfort, even for astigmatisms that might create a problem with where they sit on your eyes aren’t a problem because Oasys brand works with any sort of eye problem, whether it’s astigmatisms or presbyopia.

If you’re worried about purchasing new contacts, or maybe just about trying a new brand over your old brand, now is the time to do so! We can find you the absolute best rebates and deals on Acuvue contacts so you’re not spending a bunch on things that you absolutely need. The best part is, Acuvue automatically provides the first batch of contacts for you for free- cutting your costs to the max. Acuvue gives rebates on colored contacts as well.

How Do I Get the Best Rebates on Acuvue Oasys in 2016?

After you get your first free box of contacts, ask your optometrist how you can get the highest price reduction on your contacts. Typically speaking, these price cuts only apply to contacts that you buy in the doctor’s office or in the store, not online- because you can sometimes find amazing Acuvue coupons that lower the prices pretty dramatically. To get started, your optometrist is going to give you a few things:


-a rebate form to be completed by your or your doctor

-two eligible box tops

-your most recent eye exam receipt to guarantee the right prescription

-product purchase receipt


and then their going to send you to to get started working towards your rebates on the decided amounts of boxes of contacts you have to purchase. Depending on the time that your deduction has been submitted and the forms have been filed, you can expect to get your rebate in the mail within 8-12 weeks from when they receive your forms, and you can check the status of your rebates simply by using the online Rebate Tracker application. If you don’t receive your rebate status, you can call at 888-565-8474.


The rebate typically is sent in the form of a prepaid credit card that is equal to the dollar amount of your rebate, and you can spend your rebate money however you want, wherever visa cards are accepted, and even check your prepaid card balance on the Acuvue site! For further rebates, again consult your doctor to see if they have any special offers, some optometrists have increased discounts on specific Acuvue brands.

acuvue oasys rebate

Where do I Find The Best Prices on Acuvue Oasys?

Depending on where you research, you’ll get different results on this question, but the average cost is around $34.00 a box, before insurance rates drop the price. If you do purchase bulk deals, sometimes you can get larger supplies (like a 90 day supply over a 30 day supply) for discounted rates. If you take advantage of some of these deals you can get them a little bit cheaper.


We recommend finding coupons to lower the prices, and we’ll delve into that approach a little later. There are many avenues to go through when purchasing your contacts, and the most popular are:






-even directly through Acuvue can net you considerable abatements and discounts, and you can enter the same coupon codes there.


How Do I Find Acuvue Oasys Coupons that are valid in 2016?

Some basic coupons out there will net you deals with bulk orders, like buying a 24 pack of contacts for $110, which makes each 6 count approximately $27.50 a pack instead of $34.00 a pack, at, or you can even find coupons through 1-800-coupons by following the link here ( also has coupons available that will net you 20% off on Acuvue products; while has an instant $5 off coupon; and contactlensking has $10 off on an annual supply order of contacts, and free shipping.


No matter where you look on the internet, you’re going to find coupon codes for the Acuvue Products. At Lensmart, there’s a code for 25% Acuvue Products, and the same goes for other big name retailer companies. Some other suppliers, like offer $25-$100 further allowances on contact lenses after you purchase their products. With a little searching, it’s easy to find valid solutions to help you find cheaper products to keep your vision your top priority, while keeping money in your wallet.


Where are the Cheapest Acuvue Oasys?

The cheapest contacts without using a coupon code is going to be the free trial ones you receive from Acuvue themselves, and you’d be silly not to redeem that offer. After that, the best ways to save money on these products is to either ask your optometrist and hope that they have better deals than you can research or find through this sight, or do a little hunting for yourself and see if you can wheedle down the prices a little bit more than most.




That’s the number one tip to save money on these types of products. Be smart, keep your whits about you and continue to search for the best, most efficacious deals to get your health working for you on the right foot to begin with. If you’re buying them from a store like Wall-mart or Walgreen’s, make sure you have a coupon with you, or a rebate discount in mind because you’ll be spending more if you don’t. As we mentioned earlier, the great thing about coupon codes is that they sometimes net you even bigger discounts than if you had bought them with your insurance premiums, from your doctor, because in-store and in-office prices are always so grossly inflated.


What are the Acuvue Oasys Prices Out There?

If you can’t find coupons, and you need to use Acuvue’s assistance programs, they can save you as much as 28 percent on every order of contacts, even eye exams and fitting fees, through a program called a flexible spending account that takes money out of your work paycheck before taxes are taken out, so you have more money left over to spend later. If you’d like to learn about this program, either go online to, or call (800) 996-0407.


Or, if you’d rather search online, without really trying, you can find contacts for around $34.00. When you buy in bulk, you can get 4 months supply for around $110 dollars, making the average cost about $27.50, saving you $26 dollars, or almost a whole month’s prescription. That’s a pretty decent deal in of itself, but if you’re able to take advantage of other coupon codes, like 20-25% percent off, you could potentially save a further $20, cutting your potential costs dramatically, making coupon searching more and more important.


Acuvue Oasys Price Comparison to Other Brands

Acuvue is by far the most preferred brand of contacts out there, because they use silicon that’s lightweight, flexible, and completely permeable by air and moisture, and they’re softer, keep your eyes moisturized longer (so they’re more comfortable) block more dust and pollen than most other brands and keep your eyes healthy, which is very, very important. More than that, they’re specially designed to let you eye breathe, which is a more recent development. Until very recently, and the invention of this type of silicon that allows the eye to breathe, contacts were made from glass (in the 1800’s), then plexiglass, and later plastic film- but be glad that Acuvue brings to you natural, moisture laden silicon to keep your eyes healthy!


The thing about the Oasys variety is that they are specialized to be for sensitive eyes, or eyes that get irritated more easily, and are designed to be more compatible to astigmatisms or presbyopia because they are designed to work with your eyes, instead of against them. Customers say that Oasys brand contacts are nearly impossible to tell that they’re even on, and if you ever even get dust on them, it’s easy to remove with a wiggle or a blink, and they last for over 2 weeks, and are some of the only doctor recommended contacts that can be left in the eye overnight, making them well worth the cost, especially if you use great coupon codes or rebates you can find here to make your costs even more affordable.


Never Pay High Retail Costs for Contacts Again

Never struggle with high costs on your contacts, and always get the best. Be prepared to spend a little more on the most quality contact lenses out there, but with our coupons you could easily find yourself spending less and less, as your sight and comfort are vastly improved as well as your mood and confidence. You might even find yourself more willing to do things you never wanted to before, or have increased enthusiasm with different tasks! It’s a marvel at what simply changing one aspect in your life can do, but try these amazing contacts today, you’ll be glad you did- especially with the great deals and rebates you can find here!



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